How Much Does A Security Guard Make?

There has been a significant increase where security challenges are concerned all over the globe. Individuals and organizations are now more than ever aware of the security threats that lurk around the corners if the property is left unguarded. This awareness has certainly led to a rise in demand for security guards and therefore the private security industry is one of the most flourishing ones today.

Like now, being a security guard is considered one of the most in demand jobs. The position comes along a lot of perks and that’s one of the main reasons people who are eligible are opting for a career in security firms or choosing to become private security guards.

Also when it comes to money, the security guard profession pays great. This post will discuss how much can a security guard makes and what factors does it depend upon.

How much does a security guard make a month?

To be honest, there isn’t a definite answer to this question. Especially because the amount a security guard makes varies depending upon a number of factors which include the security guard’s experience, industry, nature of job, location, employer and of course the risks involved while being on duty.

Experience accounts as the most significant aspect on which a security guard’s pay is based. A newly certified individual with no previous word record as a security guard can make about $10-15 an hour. The pay scale however increases over the years as the security guard gains experience in relevant fields of security.

If a security guard has military training, he/she will be paid more as compared to a novice even if they do not have prior work experience. This is especially because security guards with military training are more expert in handling critical security challenges.

On an estimate an average security guard makes about $3000+ depending on the experience, location and nature of his job majorly. However this is just an estimate and different organizations as well as private employers might pay more or less than the rates mentioned above.

As per the latest research, on an average security guards make about $36000 annually but the amount varies region to region. Armed security guards are paid higher as compared to those offering simple security services. According to researches, with an increase in demand for security guards all around the world a significant increase of about 20% is expected for security guards, armed and without arms, over the next few years. The private sector will be majorly responsible for the jobs being generated for security guards and more preference will be given to those with military training and with a know how of operating surveillance equipment.

Security guards really make a worthwhile profession. However, proper qualification is required to become an established security guard. Certification courses and proper training sessions are now conducted at various places globally to enable those individuals interested in security guard training to learn the ups and downs of the industry and establish themselves as reputable security guards.